Fleet management technology for all business sizes.

With our advanced vehicle tracking system you have complete control over your fleet and their activities.

Why GPS Sewa?

Empowering Your Business with Advanced GPS Hardware and Fleet Management System.

5+ Years

Experience with excellence

1000+ Devices

Installations and Monthly Support

2 Years

Hardware Warrenty and Services

50+ Clients

Trusted Companies and Individuals

Real-time tracking
in Map View.

GPS Sewa enables users to track the location and movement of an object in real-time or with minimal delay.

GPS Sewa's key
Anti-Theft Feature.

GPS Sewa is designed to help prevent theft and improve the chances of recovering stolen property.

Track driving behavior for better performance.

Tracking driving behaviour provides valuable insights into driver behavior and vehicle performance.

Schedule Maintenance Reminder

Fleet managers can ensure that each vehicle is maintained regularly and on time.

Parent & Guest mode
in GPS Sewa.

GPS Sewa allows you to create Parent and Guest user for your vehicles to give them some access in App.

Add-On accessories
for GPS Sewa

GPS Sewa accessories enables you to unlock more features.

Track your device with our inbuilt app report.

You can track your vechile activities with our detail reporting system


Overview of Key Data and Insights.


Comprehensive Overview of Multiple Journeys.


Detailed and Accurate Route Monitoring


Detailed Report of Stops Made During Journeys.


Monitor Speed, Breaking, Cornering and More


Monitor Geofenced Area Entry/Exit for Security

GPS Sewa Potentials

Our potential clients who can use our devices in their vehicle or system

Our Accessories

Our GPS Sewa accessories gives you more add-on options and features

Monitor fuel levels in fuel tanks of your of vehicles
Detects and measures hotness and coolness of your vehicles
Real-time communication between device and the user
Detect and beeps vehicle on over speeding
Speed limiter limits vehicle speed
Allows you to remotely power on and off your vehicle
Sos trigger will notify your emergency person
This device will read the ID card of drivers and identify the driver.

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Major Project with GPS Sewa

We are proud to be associated with these mobile app that connects commuters and public vehicles.